" A child who reads will be an adult who thinks"

and the 
Key to Happiness
  (Tickly Tale 3)

It is a story of a rabbit, ever unhappy and ever complaining about things in his life. He feels there is a key to happiness somewhere out there and he should find it to be happy in life. He goes on a long search for it, to ultimately find the truth that the Key to Happiness is within him and not somewhere else, and the choice to be happy or to be unhappy is his, and his alone..

As with all the picture story books by the author, this book too has a great and valuable moral for small children as well as adults who choose to read it. It has a lucid style of narration that is easy and a pleasure to read, and so makes an excellent bed-time story book for children..

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Nestor and the Birds
      (Tickly Tale 2)

Nestor, an amiable trekker, loses his way on his trek and ends up inside a forest. He is hungry and tired, and is afraid of the darkness and wild animals. But however much he tries, he fails to find his way back home, and finally loses all hopes of ever getting out of the dreaded place.

While he is worrying about himself, he comes across fellow creatures in a situation more dire and helpless than his own. Without his care, the motherless hatchlings that he found were bound to perish of hunger. So, a compassionate Nestor brings up the helpless little birds with timely food and tender care despite his own pitiable situation. In the process, he forgets is own worries and fears, and in the end, discovers a new meaning for life and also a great lesson to cherish.

It is surely an enchanting, humorous and inspiring story that has a great and a lasting moral for children and adults alike.

With its wonderful story, moral values, humorous narration and captivating illustrations, it is a must-have book for boys and girls, aged 2-8 years.

It would be a thoughtful and valuable gift to children on birthdays, Christmas and special occasions that is bound to be loved and appreciated.

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The Cloud Dream

(Tales of Floriana Series- Book 1)

A fairy tale from a strange mythical land of the distant past, inhabited with walking flowers, talking trees, gnomes, goblins and elves. In that wonderland lived Floriana, a flower and her pet mouse Cato.

Floriana had an impossible day-dream of riding on clouds that she every day watched longingly as they silently rolled across the sky. She strongly believed that her dream would one day come true.

One morning, determined to realize the dream come what may, she sets out with her Cato on a journey that would take her to her final goal, overcoming all odds and challenges on the way.

The enchanting tale has an inspiring moral for all-
When you believe you can, you will.


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and his Missing Spectacles

 A Tale of Friendship
(Tickly Tale 1)

It is a heartwarming and humorous story of a lovable hedgehog who finds one fine morning that he has misplaced his precious spectacles, without which he feels himself lost. He must find them quickly, and so, he goes out on a search, committing one blunder after another because he cannot see things clearly without the aid of glasses. In the end, his close friend Graf, the giraffe, helps him find them.

Though the book is meant for the age group of 2-8 years, it can be read and enjoyed even by older children and grown-ups too because of the humorous story and lovely illustrations. It makes for a perfect gift, a highly enjoyable read-aloud and also an ideal bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers.

The book teaches children about the value of friendship, kindness and the importance of helping others in need. While kindling their interests through humorous illustrations, it also introduces them to the wonderful world of nature, spring season and various animals.

Mr. Hedgehog and his missing spectacles

The Higgledy -Piggledy Spiders

Humorous tales of curious spiders

This book is a highly enjoyable collection of short and crisp read-aloud tales of mischievous spiders, and its simple, humorous and rhyming narration style makes it an ideal bed-time companion for tiny tots. It is also a fine beginner and early-learner book that introduces small kids to the world of colors, seasons, numbers, letters and words in unique way. The narration is easy to follow and grasp, and the beautiful illustrations colored in pleasing shades with subtle humor ingrained in every small detail, make it a very cute and lovable book. The illustrations are so engrossing that a child can enjoy the book even without the aid of the text.

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Bia the Bee Learns to Dance

                                   A tale about chasing your dreams

Bee dance is one of the most studied behaviors in insect world. We know that bees communicate with each other through specific dances to indicate the presence of nectar bearing flowers, direction and distance to the site or threats and so on.

This is an inspiring story of Bia, the young honey bee, who finds it difficult to learn the dance moves in Mr.Crabee’s dance school for bees. With a strong determination to master dance on her own, she travels to far off places to meet her animal friends who are renowned for their special dances. She learns from them finest dances, and through practice, becomes an accomplished dancer. In the end, she is feted by the Queen Bee for saving the beehive from the Big Bear through her dance.
The book introduces children to some of the fascinating creatures in nature, which usually are not found in other picture story books. Cockatoo, a bird which is loved for its swaying dance, rice grain-sized peacock spider with its brilliant colors and mesmerizing dance, and dung beetle, which make intriguing moves while rolling dung balls.


The Adventure of Mother Hen           and Her Ten Eggs

An amusing tale of courage and hope

A riveting and humorous story of a MOTHER HEN
and her frantic search for her lost eggs

On a tip-off from a friendly BIRDIE, a MOTHER HEN races
To retrieve her stolen eggs from the nest-robbers before it is too late.
After a roller-coaster chase, a joyful surprise awaits her and the readers in the end.

With a perfectly rhymed and beautifully illustrated story, the book offers an immersive reading experience and helps the young readers in developing their reading habits. And with innovative illustrations, it also assists them in improving their counting skill and their ability to identify different shapes and colors. As the children join the MOTHER HEN emotionally in her bold and racy adventure, they are sure to get an inspiration to be courageous and hopeful in adversity.

A must-have for every child who loves to curl-up with a really-nice picture story book

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