Enchanting Tales for Children

Deeksha Palanna

Author & Illustrator

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Tickly Tale Series

Mr. Hedgehog and his missing spectacles
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         Join the adorable characters on their funny little adventures !

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“Nestor and the Birds” is a great story to read, especially now during the lock-downs.

It reminds us that it is always important to be kind, and by doing so we not only help others,

but we help ourselves.

                                         - Penny  Minding Mom

Nestor and the Birds is a beautiful story with engaging and humorous illustrations. The author, Deeksha Palanna, skillfully weaves in messages about giving, compassion, courage, ingenuity, and nurturing. Highly recommended for children of all ages!

                                                - Robin  F. Katz

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This book is a highly enjoyable collection of short and crisp

read-aloud tales of

mischievous spiders,

and its simple, humorous

and rhyming narration style

makes it an ideal

bed-time companion

for tiny tots.

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This is an inspiring story of Bia,

the young honey bee,

who finds it difficult to

learn the dance moves in

Mr. Crabee's dance school for bees.

With a strong determination to

master dance, she meets her

animal friends

who are renowned for their

special dances. and learns

the finest dances from them.

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On a tip-off from a friendly

birdie, Mother Hen races
to retrieve her stolen eggs

from the nest-robbers

before it is too late.
After a roller-coaster chase,

a joyful surprise awaits her

and the readers in the end.


About the Author


The author is an early childhood educator with experience in teaching toddlers. She uses her creative bent of mind, her passion for teaching preschool children and her experience in the field to write animal picture story books based on innovative teaching concepts. Her unique books help tiny tots to learn shapes, colors, numbers, letters and words effortlessly while enjoying humorous stories and illustrations.


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